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Choosing Cat Furniture

Choosing Cat Furniture

June 01, 2019

Cat furniture benefits our feline pals in many ways. It offers kitties comfy napping spots, cozy hiding places, entertainment, nail care stations, and good vantage points. However, kitty furniture really is not one size fits all. There are actually quite a few things to keep in mind when you go shopping. A Conyers, GA vet offers tips on buying furniture for Fluffy below. Multiple Kitties Do you have more than one cat? Choose pieces that … Read More »

6 Reasons to Adopt a Rescued Rabbit

February 01, 2019

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month? If you’re considering getting a new pet, why not look into adopting a rabbit? Floppy is not only adorable, she also has some great characteristics! A Conyers, GA vet lists some of them below. Allergens Did you know that some people who are allergic to cats and dogs aren’t allergic to rabbits? If allergies are preventing you from adopting Fluffy and Fido, spend some … Read More »

Axolotl Care 101

October 01, 2018

Are you considering getting an axolotl? These cute little amphibians make very charming pets! Also known as the Mexican salamander or Mexican walking fish, axolotls are known for their ability to regenerate lost limbs … and for their adorable ‘smiling’ faces. In this article, a Conyers, GA vet discusses axolotl care basics. Tanks Your little buddy will need at least a 10-gallon tank. Bigger is always better when it comes to pet habitats, so we … Read More »

Caring for a King Snake

June 01, 2018

Are you considering adopting a snake? A king snake may be a great choice for you, especially for first-time snake owners. A Conyers, GA vet discusses caring for king snakes in this article. Basics Tri-colored king snakes are likely the most commonly-known variety of king snakes, but they come in many different colors, some which aren’t found in the wild. The tri-colored ones do sometimes cause confusion, as they look like the coral snake, which … Read More »

Signs of Dental Problems in Dogs

February 01, 2018

Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month? Taking care of your furry pal’s teeth is very important! Dogs can develop many different dental issues, such as cracked teeth, gum disease, and abscesses. These problems are not only very painful for Fido, but they can also contribute to other serious health issues, such as heart disease. Therefore, it’s crucial for pet owners to know what to look for. A local Conyers, GA vet … Read More »

Teaching Your Cat Proper Scratching Habits

October 01, 2017

Is your cat tearing up your sofa? Is Fluffy using your favorite armchair as a scratching post? Kitties have many adorable habits and mannerisms, but their nail-care routines don’t always go over so well with their human pals. Read on as a Conyers, GA vet discusses teaching Fluffy better petiquette. Why Cats Scratch Even though Fluffy may look very pleased with herself while she is shredding your sofa, your kitty isn’t trying to ruin your … Read More »

Stay Allergy-Free With These Exotic Pets

June 01, 2017

Do you or a member of your family suffer from allergies to pet dander? If you’re prevented from owning a dog or a cat, there are other options—consider an exotic pet! Here, your Conyers, GA vet tells you about a few exciting options. Reptiles and Amphibians Lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles, and the like don’t give off pet dander the way dogs and cats do; you shouldn’t have any reaction to them whatsoever. Furthermore, these pets … Read More »

Basic Sugar Glider Care

January 15, 2017

Are you looking for a small pet that is super cute, and quite unique? A sugar glider may be a great match for you. These tiny furballs are quite adorable! Below, a Covington, GA vet discusses basic sugar glider care. Friends Sugar gliders are very friendly, and can get lonely without any buddies to play with and cuddle up to. Therefore, we always recommend getting at least two gliders. It’s best if your pair bonds … Read More »

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