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6 Reasons to Adopt a Rescued Rabbit

February 01, 2019

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month? If you’re considering getting a new pet, why not look into adopting a rabbit? Floppy is not only adorable, she also has some great characteristics! A Conyers, GA vet lists some of them below.


Did you know that some people who are allergic to cats and dogs aren’t allergic to rabbits? If allergies are preventing you from adopting Fluffy and Fido, spend some time with Floppy. You may find that her fur doesn’t bother you.

Rabbits Are Hilarious

One great thing about rabbits is that they keep us laughing with their adorable antics. Floppy is quite the little comedian! It’s almost impossible not to smile when bunnies do Binkies. If you aren’t sure what a Binkie is, it’s basically a bunny happy dance. Needless to say, they’re super cute!

Health Benefits

Bunnies need fresh veggies, so if you adopt Floppy, you’ll need to keep fresh produce on hand. This is a great way to get into healthier eating habits!


Although bunnies need comfy cages, they don’t need a yard to run around in. Floppy can stay in her cage or pen during the day. When you get home, you can let her out for cuddles and playtime.


There are several things about bunnies that just make them convenient pets. Because they don’t need daily walks, they can adjust to any schedule. They can also be litterbox trained, like cats. Plus, they tend to be most active at dusk and dawn. This works great with many people’s schedules.


Last but not least, rabbits are absolutely adorable. Those floppy ears, soft whiskers, and velvety coats make them great for cuddling. Many bunnies actually do enjoy hanging out on their owners’ laps, or just sitting quietly beside them.


We know, bunnies can be almost impossibly charming. However, when you are picking out your new pet, her personality should be the biggest factor. It’s also very important to do some research before deciding to adopt a bunny. Ask your vet for specific care information, so you know what your fuzzy pal needs. Rabbits can live over a decade with good care, so make sure that you can commit to caring for your furry friend for that long.

Do you have questions about rabbit care? Contact us, your Conyers, GA vet clinic!

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