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Choosing Cat Furniture

June 01, 2019

Cat furniture benefits our feline pals in many ways. It offers kitties comfy napping spots, cozy hiding places, entertainment, nail care stations, and good vantage points. However, kitty furniture really is not one size fits all. There are actually quite a few things to keep in mind when you go shopping. A Conyers, GA vet offers tips on buying furniture for Fluffy below.

Multiple Kitties

Do you have more than one cat? Choose pieces that fit all of your pets at once. You don’t want Fluffy and Mittens fighting over who gets to use the cat tower! (Note: if you have three cats, and a cat tower with three levels, pay attention to which kitty ends up where. Usually the furball on the top level will be the ‘boss’ cat.)

Cats That Like Heights

Do you sometimes find yourself plucking Fluffy off counters or bookshelves? Cats can’t see very much from ground level, so they like to climb to higher spots. Choose a really tall cat tower, or even floor-to-ceiling piece.


Baby cats are super frisky! Get your little buddy a fun activity center, one that incorporates lots of toys and different levels. Don’t get anything too small, though: your tiny furball will grow very quickly.


Some cats are very shy, and will bolt for their favorite hiding spots at any noise or commotion. If your furball is easily frightened, choose pieces that offer lots of enclosed areas. Try to give your kitty at least one piece of furniture or hiding spot in every room.

Cats With Dogs

Fido and Fluffy aren’t always best buddies. If your dog tends to chase his feline roommate, offer your kitty pieces that give her vertical space, such as cat towers or catwalks. That way, she’ll always have an escape route.


If Fluffy is in her golden years, she’ll probably be more interested in napping than playing. She may also have a hard time climbing or jumping very far. Choose pieces with the lowest level close to the floor. This will be easier for your kitty to get on and off.

All Cats

One thing all of our feline buddies agree upon: there’s just no such thing as too many beds! Make sure your kitties have lots of comfy sleeping spots.

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