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Keeping a Sugar Glider Happy

May 15, 2019

Do you have sugar gliders? These little guys make very cute pets! Just like any other animal, sugar gliders need entertainment and stimulation to stay happy. But how do you keep your pint-sized pals content and amused? A local Covington, GA vet discusses keeping sugar gliders content in this article.


Toys will benefit your little buddies in many ways. Offer your gliders a variety of playthings. Rope toys, balls, bells, swings, and rings are all good options. Wood toys are also popular, but do some research first: not all woods are safe for these guys. You can also find some great DIY toy ideas online.

Climbing Options

Climbing ropes and branches will help your sugar gliders feel comfortable and at home. You can offer your pets a variety of branches, as well as acacia gum, eucalyptus sticks, and sugar cane sticks. Pouches, swings, and exercise wheels will also make your gliders cage fun and exciting for them.


Sugar gliders are very sociable, and tend to get sad and lonely without any friends. Therefore, we always recommend getting at least two. Just be sure to only house same-sex pets together.


A good diet is very important! Sugar gliders have fairly unique nutritional needs, so you’ll want to ask your vet for specific advice. Applesauce, yogurt, and honey can be licked off your fingers or other objects. Gliders also like fresh or dried fruits, such as apples and bananas, and certain freeze-dried meats or mealworms. To make it more fun, put these snacks in things like treat-dispensing toys, and move them around.


Make sure your pets’ cage offers a variety of textures. Your gliders may like a small cardboard box, and a burlap sleeping hammock. A variety of sounds and scents will also help keep your furry pals content. If possible, put your little buddies in a spot where they can see and hear you, but don’t feel threatened or overwhelmed by commotion.


Sugar gliders are very gentle, and can become quite attached to their humans. However, they are typically quite timid by nature. Spend time with your adorable pets. Get them a little tent, and pet them while they are inside. Or, let them hang out in your pocket while you are watching TV.

Do you have questions about sugar glider care? Call us, your local Covington, GA vet clinic, today!

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