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Catproofing Your Tree

December 01, 2021

Happy Holidays! The debate about when to start decorating has officially run its course, at least for this year. It’s definitely time to put up those seasonal items! Of course, your feline pal will definitely take note of that pretty tree. That could spell trouble … for both your pet and your tree. A local Covington, GA vet offers some advice on keeping Fluffy out of the tree in this article.

Decorate Wisely

Keep your feline buddy in mind as you are decorating the tree. You’ll want to decorate the bottom sparingly, and only with safe, unbreakable ornaments. Put anything sharp, shiny, and/or fragile on the top half of the tree. Lights, tinsel, and ribbons should also be on on the top part.

Bribe The Furball

Telling your frisky little pet to stay away from the tree probably isn’t going to be very effective. What may work a bit better is bribing her. Give Fluffy some of her toys early. If your furry pal doesn’t have a cat tower yet, this is a great time to get her one.


Playing with your cute pet regularly is great for her, both mentally and physically. Those fun play sessions can really tire Fluffy out. After a vigorous round of Catch The Red Dot, your kitty may be more interested in dozing off under the tree than trying to climb it.

Brace It

Our feline friends knock many beautiful trees over every year. It’s kitty tradition! If you know or suspect that Fluffy may join the ranks of tree-toppling furballs, you may want to add some extra support. One thing you can do is use clear fishing line to secure the tree top to the wall or ceiling. It won’t show, but may help keep the tree upright. Be sure to get a sturdy base, too.

Go Artificial

If your furry friend is still young enough to try to climb the tree, rather than just batting at ornaments, you may want to consider getting an artificial tree. There are also benefits to you: you’ll save money in the future, as you can use the tree year after year. This is also safer, as the needles and water bowls for real trees can be dangerous to cats.

All of us here at your Covington, GA animal hospital, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us anytime!

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