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Seasonal Care For Exotic Pets

November 01, 2021

Winter is coming! Dogs and cats have some protection from the weather, as they have fur coats on. However, other pets are even more vulnerable to cold weather. Many exotic pets and reptiles can get very sick if they get too cold! And while we aren’t exactly the coldest state, we do get those chilly nights and weeks. A Covington, GA vet offers some advice on caring for exotics and reptiles in winter below.


Exotic pets all vary quite widely in their environmental needs. Some, such as ferrets and hedgehogs, will be comfortable in the same temperature range as people. Others, such as hamsters and chinchillas, can get very sick if they get too hot or too cold. Your pet may need a little extra bedding for those chilly nights. You’ll also want to make sure your pet’s habitat isn’t in direct sunlight, or near a heating vent or fireplace.


Who says you can’t have some fun with pocket pets? Offer your little buddy a bed, hammock, tent, or hide with a seasonal fabric or blanket. You can also put a few safe decorations in your pet’s home. Just don’t add anything that could be dangerous.

Power Source

Many reptiles and exotic pets have specific temperature needs. If you have a reptile, make sure that your pet’s heating and lighting equipment is in good order. You may need to replace lightbulbs. It’s also important to have a source of backup power, such as a small generator.

Photo Shoot

Have some fun with your little buddy! Exotic pets can really take charming photos. Snap a picture of your hedgehog in a tiny witch hat, or put your Guinea pig on a pumpkin. Just don’t leave your little buddy unattended with their props.


Some exotics and pocket pets will instinctively try to stash food away. Hamsters are notorious for begging for treats and then hiding their favorite morsels. Keep an eye on your pet, and don’t let them cajole you into overfeeding them! That said, you may be able to give your furry pal a seasonal treat. Sliced apples are safe for many pets. Pumpkin is also fine for some. Of course, every animal has different nutritional needs. Ask your vet for specific advice on safe and unsafe foods.

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