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Pawesome 2022 Resolutions For People With Dogs

January 03, 2022

Happy New Year! Like many of you, we are more than happy to send 2021 on its way and turn our thoughts to the future. If you’re making resolutions, it’s safe to say that your canine buddy will be right there with you, cheering you on as you strive to reach those goals. Why not include Fido in your plans? Here, a Covington, GA vet lists some things to put on your to-do list for 2022.

Go To More Parks

Dogs love exploring new places. Getting outdoors is good for you, too! Take your canine pal to some new places this year, and let him sniff some unfamiliar grass.

Keep That Toy Box Full

Playing is crucial to Fido’s health and well-being. It gives him a healthy outlet for any angst he is feeling, helps keep him fit and active, and provides beneficial mental stimulation. Plus, it’s just fun. Make it a habit to pick up new doggy toys regularly.

Take Time To Play

Toys are great, but Fido will enjoy doggy playtime even more if he has a playmate. Everything is better with friends! Make playing with your pup part of your regular routines. This is also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Use Positive Enforcement

Fido is a very good boy, but he’s not perfect. Your pet will probably do something wrong this year. He may chew up your shoes, get into the trash, or dig up your garden. Don’t punish him for these mishaps! Positive reinforcement is a much better option.

Continue Fido’s Education

Training is absolutely crucial for our canine companions, not just because of petiquette, but also for safety. If Fido is still working on the basics, then make it a goal to finish his petucation this year. All dogs should know at least five basic commands: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Once your pooch has these down, show him some fun tricks, like Shake or Roll Over.

Enjoy Quality Time

Fido is incredibly loyal and devoted, and he really just wants to hang out with you. This is definitely a worthy goal, and one you should help him with. Spend time with your furry bff every day. Time spent with pets is never wasted!

Happy New Year from Oak Hill Animal Hospital, your Covington, GA animal hospital. Call us anytime!

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