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Keeping Fluffy Fit

September 01, 2018

Cats are very playful when they are little, but they slow down—sometimes way down—as they age. Keeping your feline pal fit and healthy is very important. However, you probably won’t have a whole lot of luck getting Fluffy to run laps around the kitchen. Read on as a local Covington, GA vet offers tips on keeping your kitty in shape.


Take time to play with your furry buddy every day. Even a few minutes of running and jumping will be beneficial for your cute pet. Plus, this is a great way for you to spend some quality time with your cat, and make her feel loved and safe. Don’t be surprised if Fluffy hops into your lap for a cuddle session after playtime is over. Our feline friends really appreciate it when we do things to make them happy.


Cats are predators by nature, and have strong, instinctive urges to jump and pounce on things. Offer your furball plenty of fun toys to push under the couch. Classic toys, like catnip mice, are fine, but you can also pamper your pet with fun modern toys. Robotic mice, automated laser pointers, and remote-controlled playthings can all help keep Fluffy active and entertained. Change your kitty’s playthings out regularly, to keep things fun and fresh for her.


This isn’t a great option for every kitty, but if your furball is still pretty young and frisky, she may enjoy having a playmate to chase around and snuggle up to. Of course, adopting a cat is a huge commitment, so think it over carefully first. You’ll need to consider the ages and temperaments of both felines, as well as your household needs and budget.


Get Fluffy some furniture that encourages your feline buddy to jump and climb. Cat towers and catwalks are great for this! If you’re working with a tight budget, look online for great DIY options. You may be surprised at how many great ones you can find.

Smart Toys

Did you know that you can get gadgets that let you play with Fluffy remotely, using a laser pointer, a camera, and a phone app? This may be a fun thing to do on your break at work!

Do you have any questions about your cat’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your local Covington, GA pet clinic, today!

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