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6 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog This Summer

August 15, 2018

Summer is going by much too quickly! Dogs often love fun summer activities, and are also quite fond of just relaxing in the sun. Actually, this is a great time of year to spend some quality time with your canine companion. Read on a Conyers, GA lists some things to add to your to-do list.

Splash Around

Does your pooch enjoy swimming? If so, bring Fido to a dog-friendly beach or pool, and let him play in the water. If swimming isn’t a good choice for your canine pal, get him a kiddie pool to lounge around in. Just be sure to put safety first! Never leave your furry companion unattended near water.


Georgia has some absolutely beautiful scenery. Take a day, and pack a lunch for you and your pup, and head off to a nearby park. Or, take the whole family on a fun outing. Be sure to bring plenty of water along!

Dinner Date

Want to score some tail wags? Take your furry buddy to a dog-friendly café or restaurant, and treat him to a special snack.

Learn Something New

Many dogs really enjoy learning new things. Make sure that Fido knows basic doggy obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Once he has these down, show him something cute, like Roll Over or Shake. Or, move on to advanced training.

Savor A Cold Treat

There may be no better way to cool off on a hot day than by enjoying a cold snack. Treat Fido to some doggy ice cream, which you can find in most pet stores. Your furry BFF can also enjoy an ice cube or two, or some sodium-free broth. You can even make your own frozen doggy treats. Look online for recipe ideas. You may be surprised at how many options you will find! Just be sure to stick to dog-safe ingredients.


Some of those sweltering summer days are really made for relaxing. Spend an afternoon enjoying a good book or movie, and some quality time with Fido. Savor this time with your canine friend, and offer lots of ear scritches and belly rubs. Dogs are absolutely wonderful companions, and they deserve to be spoiled a bit!

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