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Tips on Caring For An Exotic Animal

August 01, 2017

Dogs and cats are by far the most popular pets in the US today, but they are by no means the only choices. In fact, many people are now opting for exotic pets. While exotic pets all have their own specific care needs, there are some general care tips we can offer, which apply to all of them. Read on as a Conyers, GA vet offers some advice on caring for an exotic animal.

Provide A Proper Habitat

Exotics all have very specific environmental needs. A chinchilla may need a wire cage that is quite tall, while a reptile may require a tank or aquarium with specific light, heat, and moisture settings. Find out exactly what your animal companion needs, and how those requirements will change as your pet ages.

Offer Suitable Food

Proper nutrition is very important to your pet’s health and well-being! Many exotics have very specific nutritional needs. For instance, iguanas can eat commercial pellets, but they also need fresh produce. A snake, on the other hand, may mostly eat frozen mice. Never give your animal friend a new food without doing some research to find out if it is safe.

Do Lots Of Research

We strongly recommend doing lots of research on your pet’s species and care needs. Pick up a few good books, and look online for credible sources of information. The more you know about your pet’s needs and characteristics, the better!

Find A Good Vet

Just like any other pet, exotics need proper veterinary care in order to thrive. Find a good local animal hospital that handles exotics. This will be helpful not just for getting your pet’s healthcare needs taken care of, but also for getting great advice and care tips.

Don’t Adopt On A Whim

It can be very easy to fall for a cute or fascinating pet at a store, or see an ad online for a pretty animal that needs a home, but resist the urge to buy an exotic pet on impulse. Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment! Do plenty of research before adopting, and make sure you can provide your animal buddy with a suitable environment, a proper diet, and regular veterinary care for their entire life.

Please contact us, your local Conyers, GA animal clinic, for all your exotic pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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