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The Importance of Having Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

August 15, 2017

Everyone knows that having your pet spayed or neutered is an effective way to prevent an unplanned litter of puppies or kittens. Did you also know, though, that it offers much more? Here, your Conyers, GA vet tells you about the importance of having your pet spayed or neutered.

Improved Health

The risk of genital cancer is virtually eliminated in both male and female pets who have been spayed or neutered. Other cancer types—breast cancer, prostate cancer, and others—are much less likely to occur as well. Pets who have had the procedure performed are even less likely to develop urinary tract infections and other common medical issues. Why not avoid the heartache and cost of treating these problems down the road?

Improved Behavior

Pets who have been spayed or neutered tend to be behave far better than those who have not. While the procedure certainly isn’t a cure-all for making your pet a complete angel, it can drastically reduce the frequency of undesirable behaviors like house soiling, urine spraying, aggression toward owners or other pets in the house, loud vocalizations, chewing and scratching, and more. Save yourself a mess—have your pet spayed or neutered early on in life.

Reduced Roaming

For many male pets who remain intact, the urge to mate becomes insatiable once mating season arrives. This leads to pets chewing their way out of enclosures, digging under fences, and more. It’s even possible for your pet to injure themselves while attempting to get outdoors to roam! When your male pet is neutered, though, this desire is drastically reduced, making your life much easier and your pet’s much safer.

The Broader Benefit

As much as the spaying or neutering procedure benefits you and your pet personally, there is also a much broader benefit to having your four-legged companion spayed or neutered. Each and every year, millions of animals across the country go homeless or must be put down—that’s because there just aren’t enough families to take them all in. By allowing your pet to breed in an uncontrolled manner, you’re just contributing to the issue! Have your pet spayed or neutered to help control the homeless pet population and ultimately benefit the greater good.

Do you have questions about the spaying or neutering procedure? Need to schedule an appointment to have the surgery performed? Call your Conyers, GA animal hospital today. We’re here to help!

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