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Tips for Improving Your Bunny’s Behavior

July 15, 2017

Have you recently adopted a bunny? If so, you’ve chosen a super cute pet! Bunnies are absolutely adorable, and make great pets. However, Floppy isn’t perfect. In fact, rabbits can be quite mischievous, and sometimes act up a bit. Read on as a Conyers, GA vet offers tips for improving your furry pal’s petiquette.

Avoid Punishment

Never punish Floppy for misbehaving, even if she did just chew up your brand-new shoes. Bunnies don’t understand punishment, so you may only end up frightening your pet, or making her resentful or anxious. If you catch your furry buddy about to do something wrong, stamp your foot, say ‘No,’ in a disapproving tone, and guide her towards a more appropriate option.

Reward Good Behavior

When your fuzzy friend does something right, offer her toys, treats, and praise. Bunnies love being pampered!

Free Time

Floppy will need several hours of free time every day. Before you let her out to play, you’ll need to do some bunnyproofing. Remove, secure, or protect baseboards; furniture legs; toxic plants; small or sharp objects; chemicals; medications; plastic bags and ties; wires and cords; and personal items. Also, keep closets shut, and seal off spaces beneath and behind your furniture and cabinets. Ask your vet for more bunnyproofing tips.

Veterinary Care

Just like any other pet, rabbits sometimes act up if they aren’t feeling well. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule. At home, watch for signs of illness, and contact your vet immediately if you notice anything wrong.


Bunnies must chew to keep their teeth healthy. Provide your little furball with plenty of chew toys. Many wood, cardboard, and paper items are fine, as long as they are clean, unfinished, and don’t have any small parts or sharp edges. Floppy should also have fresh grass hay at all times. Ask your vet for more information.


Spend time with Floppy every day. Pet her, play with her, and talk to her. This will help your beloved pet feel loved, safe, and happy.


Bunnies can be very stubborn and even bossy. Pay attention to Floppy, and get to know her. You may find that your little furball gets angry if you rearrange her cage, or cut her playtime short.

Please contact us, your Conyers, GA pet clinic, with any questions about your bunny’s health or care. We’re here to help!


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