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Fall Ferret Care

October 01, 2023

Autumn is upon us! While we may not get as drastic of a seasonal change here in Georgia as our neighbors up north do, there is definitely a perceptible shift. That’s something for pet owners to be aware of. A Covington, GA vet offers some info on taking care of a ferret in fall.


Ferrets should be kept at a comfortable room temperature. Extreme heat and cold are both hard on them. As it gets chilly, your little pal may appreciate having some extra beds and blankets to snuggle up in. On frigid nights, you can also use heating pads made just for pets.

If you house your little buddy outdoors, you may want to install Plexiglass over it, to help keep the wind out. Just be sure to remove it if it gets hot.


Your tiny pal may shed more than usual at this time of year. Hairballs are a huge danger for ferrets: they can’t expel them the way cats can, and are in danger of developing intestinal blockages. Ask your vet to recommend a good hairball preventative.


One reason ferrets are so much fun? They love to hoard things. This can be pretty cute, but it can also be dangerous. Be careful when setting out small decorative items that could choke or entangle your little buddy. That includes things like garlands, figurines, seasonal plants, anything with strings or cords, and items that are small or sharp. Halloween candy should also be kept out of paws’ reach.


Cold and flu season is coming! Ferrets can actually catch viruses from people. If anyone in your home is sick, keep the ferret away from them. Your little furball may enjoy duck soup, which is a ferret favorite. Despite the name, duck soup doesn’t have to include duck: you can use cooked chicken or turkey, or dry kibble. Ask your vet for more information. 


A candle or fireplace can be that perfect final touch that makes your home look super cozy in fall. Keep candles in high spots, and use thick candle holders. If you have a fireplace, put a grate before it.


Autumn is hoodie season! If you get one with a front pouch, your little furry friend may enjoy snuggling up inside it. This is also a great way to bond with a new ferret. 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Please contact us, your Covington, GA animal clinic, anytime!

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