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Happy Cat Month

September 01, 2023

It’s Happy Cat Month! Our feline friends may act aloof at times, but these lovable furballs actually are very emotional. Fluffy’s mental and emotional well-being play a huge role not just in her physical health, but also in her overall happiness and quality of life. Here, a local Covington, GA vet answers some questions about happy kitties.

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Is Happy?

Our feline buddies can be a bit complicated. There are both physical and behavioral clues to look for. If your kitty has a clean, shiny coat and clear bright eyes, and is eating and using the litterbox without issue, that’s a good sign. Fluffy’s behavior and body language can also be quite telling. Happy cats tend to be much more playful, outgoing, affectionate, and interactive than uneasy ones, and they usually feel pretty at ease in their domains.

Does Purring Mean A Cat Is Happy?

It’s common knowledge that cats purr when they are content. However, kitties don’t only purr when they’re happy: they also purr when they are stressed or frightened. This most likely is a way for Fluffy to calm herself. It may also have something to do with self-healing. Our feline pals purr at frequencies that have been shown to have healing properties. In fact, those same frequencies are often used in physical therapy!

What Things Make Cats Happy?

Fortunately for us, it isn’t too hard to please our feline overlords. Fluffy will need food, water, clean litter, and proper veterinary care to cover her basic needs. To get that motor going, she’ll also require toys, stimulation, beds, and a few comfy perches, such as cat towers or window seats. (For extra purrs, put the cat tower near a window with a good view.)  It’s also important to pay attention to your furry friend, and just make sure that she feels loved and safe. Talk to her, pet her, play with her, and offer her things like catnip, boxes, and lap space.

Do Cats Bring Happiness?

There’s also a lot to be said for Fluffy’s ability to make us happy. Cats can be highly entertaining, and often make us laugh just by going about their normal kitty business. Our feline pals also soothe us, comfort us, and provide companionship. No wonder they’re such purrfect little pets!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care. As your Covington, GA pet hospital, we’re here to help.

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