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Tips For Handling Your Sugar Glider

August 01, 2023

Sugar gliders have been growing increasingly popular over the past several years. These cute little furballs are very sweet and fun pets! Just like our other animal companion, gliders have some unique traits and qualities, and they come with their own set of do’s and don’ts. In this article, a local Covington, GA vet offers some advice on handling your gliders.

Let Them Settle

Don’t try to handle gliders until they’ve had time to settle in and get used to you. As your little buddy is adjusting, talk to them, and offer toys and treats. You don’t want to go too crazy with snacks, but you can offer things like mealworms and honey sticks can help a lot with bonding. Ask your vet for more information on this. 

Use A Mitt Or Pouch

Gliders like to feel safe and cozy. Using a mitt or a pouch can help a lot, as they’ll feel secure. You can also get a hoodie with a pouch, and let them hang out in that.

Retract Fingers

It may be tempting to let gliders sniff your fingers, but gliders can get nervous about fingers and may bite. Curling your fingers into a fist can help: this will keep you from getting bit, and may also make your new pet feel safer.

Avoid Harnesses

Gliders have special membranes, which can act sort of as wings, helping them sail or ‘fly’. This skin is very delicate, and can easily get ripped from things like collars and harnesses. You do want to keep your glider contained to a safe space, but it’s better to just go into a closed and petproofred room, such as a bathroom. If you have other animals, keep them in separate areas when your gliders are out and about.

Let Them Get Used To Your Scent

One thing that can help your cute pets become more familiar with your smell is to give them a piece of clothing you’ve worn, such as a tee shirt you’ve slept in. You can even make one into a pouch or hammock. Don’t use one that smells of perfume or detergent, though: that may be too strong for the little guy, and may do more harm than good.

Understand Individual Personalities

Just like other animals, gliders all have their own personalities. Some become very affectionate, and will soar through the air to land on their humans. (This is of course adorable.) Others are more reserved, and some don’t like being handled at all. Don’t force matters. If you have a timid pet, that’s fine! We do recommend getting at least two, though, as they are very sociable and need buddies.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Covington, GA pet hospital, anytime!

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