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How to Create a Purrfect Catio

July 01, 2021

You may have noticed that we advocate keeping cats indoors. However, we do understand that kitties enjoy exploring the Great Outdoors. They also do benefit from fresh air and sunlight. Want to give your pet the best of both worlds? Make her a catio! In this article, a Covington, GA veterinarian offers some tips on creating a space that both you and Fluffy can enjoy.


Fluffy will enjoy and appreciate having plants to sniff at and nibble on. Your furball may also enjoy peeking out at you from behind green leaves, and perhaps pretending to be a fierce lion or panther. Set out lots of nontoxic plants for your furry friend to sniff at and nibble on. Some good options are Rubber trees, Money tree plants, Boston ferns, Prayer plants, and African violets. You can also add some herbs, such as dill, basil, thyme, or parsley. The ASPCA has a full list on their site here.


Your feline pal will need a few pieces of pet furniture to lounge about on. Cat towers are purrfect choices, as they offer kitties napping spots, jungle gyms, scratching posts, and vantage points. Fluffy will also appreciate some soft beds and, of course, the occasional cardboard box. If you really want to get that motor going, add a catwalk or kitty shelves. 


Any proper catio needs some of Fluffy’s favorite plant! You can grow your own catnip in small containers. Fluffy may also appreciate some wheatgrass or oat grass to nibble on. You can even offer your furball her own little lawn to look smug on. Plant some wheatgrass seeds in an old litterbox, or perhaps a shallow storage tote, and give it a few weeks to grow in. Voila! Instant happy cat! 


Birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite pastimes. If possible, situate your catio in a spot where your feline companion can look out a window, observe local wildlife, and daydream about hunting.


Offer your furry little buddy lots of fun toys to play with. If your catio is on a screened porch, choose things that can withstand a bit of dust. Rubber balls are another good option. You can also offer your furball mechanical swimming fish or automated laser pointers.

As your local Covington, GA veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your pet happy and healthy! Contact us anytime! 

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