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Walking a Reptile

June 01, 2021

Are you interested in taking your pet reptile for a walk? While not all of our scaled friends will enjoy going for strolls, some do. There are a few things to keep in mind here, though. A Covington, GA vet offers some tips on walking your reptile below.

Choose The Right Gear

You’ll need to get a harness, rather than a collar, for your scaled buddy. Get something that you can adjust. A ferret harness may work. If your pet has a dorsal ridge, you may need to get him a custom harness.

Start Training Young

Your little friend will adapt to being walked best if you start when he’s a baby. That doesn’t mean you can’t leash train an adult lizard. Training may just take a bit longer.

Be Mindful Of Temperatures

Temperature changes can be very stressful for reptiles. Don’t take your pet out on a chilly day. The outside temperature should still be within the comfortable range for your lizard. This also applies to training. If your reptile’s cage is warmer than the room it’s in, let the room warm up before you take him out.

Start Slow

At first, just let your lizard buddy adjust to wearing the harness for a few minutes at a time. Talk to your pet gently, and perhaps offer him a special treat. Don’t pick a time when your pet is hungry. The little guy may get a bit aggressive about his food, which can sour the training session.

Choose Safe Spots

It’s also important to only take your pet reptile to safe areas. Be aware of potential hazards. These include other animals, such as dogs and cats, to things like broken glass on the sidewalk, hot pavement, and even plants and insects. A fenced back yard is a great spot.

Time It Right

Don’t take your cute pet out during the busiest parts of the day. Try to pick a time when both pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be at a minimum.

Watch For Signs of Stress

Look for signs that your pet feels scared or uneasy. These vary a bit from animal to animal, so ask your vet for recommendations. If your tiny dinosaur seems uncomfortable, call it a day and let him relax in his habitat instead.

For more information on reptile care, contact us, your Covington, GA pet hospital, today! We’re happy to help!

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