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Bathing a Guinea Pig

February 01, 2021

Guinea pigs are becoming very popular pets, and with good reason: they’re adorable, gentle, and lots of fun. Cavies don’t need a lot of daily care, but they will need regular baths. A Covington, GA vet discusses bathing these little furballs below.


It’s best to have everything that you will need ready and waiting before you begin. For shampoo, you can use Guinea pig shampoo or an unscented, unmedicated kitten shampoo. You’ll also need a few soft towels.


Guinea pigs don’t usually need to be bathed very often: once a month is plenty. Ask your vet for specific tips on scheduling your little furball’s beauty sessions.


Choosing the right time is important. Your pint-sized pal should be calm and in a good mood. You’ll need to keep him out of his cage until he’s completely dry, so make sure you have plenty of time. It’s also best to pick a warm day, or turn your heater up a bit. If you have more than one cavy, bathe them on the same day. Your furry friends may get a bit testy if their scents all change suddenly!

Getting Started

Fill the sink or a large bowl with lukewarm water. Gently lower your little buddy into the water. Talk to him in a happy voice as you do this. (A treat won’t hurt, either.)

The Bath

Wet your cavy’s fur by scooping water over it. Then, carefully lather him up. (Note: if giving your Guinea pig a medicinal bath, such as an anti-parasitic bath, follow the instructions to the letter.) Be careful not to get any soap in your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth! Rinse him carefully with a cup.


Once your Guinea pig is clean, gently put him on a soft towel. Wrap him in the towel, being careful not to pull it too tight. Pat him dry very gently. This should get most of the water out of his fur. At this point, you can use a blow dryer to finish drying him off, as long as he doesn’t object. Use a low setting, and don’t put the nozzle too close to your tiny friend’s skin. It’s a good idea to clean the cage before putting your furry friend back.

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