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Adorable Resolutions for Puppies

January 01, 2021

Happy New Year! This probably goes without saying, but many of us are more than happy to say farewell to 2020. New Year’s Day, of course, is historically a time for people to set goals for the coming year. If you’re starting 2021 out with a puppy in your household, read on! A Covington, GA vet lists some of the things little Fido may want to achieve this year below.

Score More Treats

Nothing gets that cute tail going like a yummy treat! It won’t take little Fido long to sort out that we tend to melt when faced with that sad-puppy stare. Your furry pal will definitely work on perfecting that adorable, soulful look that is so effective at scoring him yummy snacks.


Your canine pal has lots to learn! In addition to sorting out basic obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, your pooch will need to master being potty trained. We recommend crate training as well. Be sure to reward your four-legged friend with treats and praise for doing well!


Dogs grow very fast. (Tip: you may want to take daily pics of your puppy for the next few months.) Of course, that massive growth spurt can be hard on your furry friend’s bones and joints. Make sure that Fido is getting proper nutrition. Any sort of deficiencies or imbalances at this stage can cause serious issues down the line! Ask your vet for specific advice.


Dogs are very curious, and they love to check out new places. Fido will want to investigate every nook and cranny in your home and neighborhood. He’ll also be quite thrilled with regular expeditions to parks and trails.

Figure Out The Cat

We know, our feline pals can be quite confusing. They only wag their tails when they are mad, and change their moods rapidly and without warning. Fluffy also tends to think of Fido’s tail as a toy. (Good luck with this one, buddy.)

Be A Good Boy

Dogs have many wonderful qualities, but one of the things that makes them really special is the way they really strive to please their humans. Fido looks adorably proud of himself when he knows he’s being a good boy!

Happy New Year! As your Covington, GA veterinary clinic, we look forward to providing your pets with great care in 2021 and beyond! 

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