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Bathing Your Iguana

August 01, 2020

Have you recently adopted an iguana? One thing you’ll need to do is make sure that Iggy gets enough bath time. This is very important! Lizards must soak to hydrate themselves, get clean, and facilitate shedding. A Covington, GA vet discusses bathing iguanas below.


If you have a pool, Iggy will probably want to swim in it. However, this can be dangerous. Pools aren’t easy for iguanas to climb out of. Plus, if your scaled buddy does get out, he could make a break for it. Keep your little dinosaur leashed around pools.


Iguanas are great swimmers, but they can still drown. Don’t fill the tub too much! Also, don’t leave Iggy unattended.

Getting Started

Iguanas should be introduced to bathing early on. If you have a baby lizard, let him soak in a plastic tote for now. You can introduce him to the tub later.


Lizards are cold-blooded, so getting the water temperature right is very important. Iggy may get frightened if he goes from a warm basking spot to a cool bath! Usually about 85F is good. When the water starts to cool, pour cups of warm water in.

Bath Products

Don’t add soap or shampoo. These aren’t safe for lizards. Plus, Iggy may try to drink them! If your vet recommends adding medication, such as a shedding aid, let your iguana drink before you add the medication. If your pet fouls the water, change the water and then let him soak.


Take a look at Iggy while he soaks. If there is any dirt on him, gently clean him with a soft washcloth or toothbrush.

Potty Training

Iguanas can be trained to relieve themselves in water. You can teach Iggy to use either the bathtub or a plastic tub in his cage. If choose the tub, you’ll need to bathe him every day. With a tote, you’ll just need to clean it and change the water daily. Ask your vet for more information.

The Afterbath

Try draping Iggy’s towel over the side of the bath. He may climb out on his own. This will also help keep him from getting scared. When he sees the towel, he’ll know he has an exit. Be sure to wash and disinfect both the tub and towel afterwards!

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