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7 Ways to Celebrate Cat World Domination Day

July 01, 2020

June 24th was Cat World Domination Day! Our feline friends certainly do have a way of looking smug and superior. They’re also pretty good at wrapping us around their paws! It only seems fair to show your furry overlord a bit of extra respect on this important occasion. Read on as a local Covington, GA vet lists some ways to get your kitty’s little motor going on her special day.


A new toy is bound to give Fluffy that happy kitty expression that is so adorable. Classic playthings, like catnip mice, would be fine, but you can also go for something more modern, like an automated laser pointer or robotic mouse.


Your feline overlord will definitely appreciate a yummy snack! A can of tuna in water is always a good option. Fluffy may also enjoy some plain, cooked fish or chicken, with the bones, skin, and fat removed, or perhaps some sodium-free broth.

Kitty Furniture

Cats don’t mind using our things, but they really prefer to have some pieces that were made just for them. A cat tower is an excellent option. Fluffy will not only gain a nail care station, napping spot, and jungle gym, she’ll also have a good vantage point, from which she can oversee her servants (that would be you) and kingdom.

Window Seat

Speaking of oversight, a comfy window seat will also please your furry buddy. Cats love spying on local wildlife!

Pet Doors

If you hadn’t noticed, kitties are quite curious, and like to explore, well, everything. If you have the audacity to shut your furry friend out of a room you’re in, she may meow and scratch outside the door. Put cat doors on every room. That will score you some points!

Kitty Gardens

Cats are very, very good at getting us to spoil them. One cute way to do that? Kitty gardens! Check the ASPCA site here for pet-safe options. Catnip, of course, is a must. Fluffy may also appreciate having a stocked aquarium to watch. Just make sure she can’t reach the fish!


If there’s one thing our feline pals just can’t resist, it’s boxes. Get Her Furry Majesty a new box to explore. A paper bag is also acceptable.

Please contact us, your Covington, GA vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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