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Keeping an Aging Dog Healthy

April 15, 2019

Is your dog in or near his senior years? Older pooches are just as cute as puppies, and have a sweet temperament that is truly a joy. However, Fido will have slightly different needs as a senior than he did as a puppy. Here, a Covington, GA vet discusses keeping an older dog healthy.

Suitable Exercise

Fido will slow down as he ages. You definitely don’t want to overexert him. However, you don’t want to let him become a couch potato, either. Most senior dogs need at least a daily walk. This activity will keep your furry buddy’s bones and muscles strong, and prevent muscle atrophy. It’s also a great way to spend time with your canine friend!

Comfy Bed

As Fido gets older, he may get stiff and sore. While he may still nap on the floor sometimes, it’s important for him to have a comfy doggy bed to rest in. We recommend orthopedic beds for older dogs.

Veterinary Appointments

As Fido ages, he’ll probably need to come in a bit more often, so his health can be closely monitored. This also increases the chances of any problems being caught—and therefore treated—early. There are now some very effective treatment and pain management options for many common doggy health issues. Ask your vet for more information.

Proper Grooming

Keep up with Fido’s grooming needs. Regular brushing will remove dead fur and dander from his coat. This will help keep him warm in winter and cool in summer, and keep him from feeling itchy. Also, remember to keep your pooch’s claws clipped. Doggy dental care is important as well.

Good Nutrition

A good diet is crucial to older dogs. Ask your vet for advice, including supplements, portion sizes, and tips on moving Fido to a senior-formula food.

Doggy Comforts

Little touches will help you keep that cute tail wagging. Fido may need pet ramps or stairs to climb onto the couch or get in and out of the car. He might also appreciate elevated dishes. Older dogs are also very sensitive to temperature extremes. Keep your pooch in climate-controlled areas as much as possible when it’s cold or hot out.

Watch For Symptoms

Keep a close eye out for signs of illness. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.

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