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Celebrating Ferret Day

April 01, 2019

April 2nd is Ferret Day! These little furballs can make very fun and lovable pets! They are very playful, curious, and lovable, and have their own adorable way of keeping us smiling. If you have a pet ferret, why not take some time to spoil your furry buddy? A Conyers, GA vet offers some tips on how to do that below.


If there’s one thing all of our patients enjoy, it’s a yummy treat. This is a great way to reward your ferret for being good, or just make him feel a little pampered. You can find ferret treats in many pet stores. Your tiny buddy may also appreciate hard-boiled eggs, or some cooked, plain beef or chicken. Duck soup is also very popular with these guys! Just be sure to stick to safe, suitable foods. Ask your vet for more information.


Ferrets are very frisky, and often love to play. In fact, your pet may playfully nip at your feet when he wants you to play with him. Indulge your pint-sized pal! Chase him, and then let him chase you. Or, use interactive toys, like little balls or stuffed animals, for playtime.

Free Time

Ferrets need daily time out of their cages. Supervised playtime is a must! Let your cute pet run, play, and explore. Just be sure to do some ferretproofing first. Remove or secure anything that could be dangerous, such as toxic items and small or sharp objects. Be sure to seal off any openings your tiny pet could fit into. Also, pay close attention to the little guy’s whereabouts. Ferrets are very easy to lose track of, and can easily be stepped on or injured!


While you should never force attention on a ferret, it is important for your pet to feel comfortable with you. Handling him frequently and gently will help build his trust. Offer belly rubs, forehead pets, and ear scritches. Your furry friend may also like curling up on your lap for a nap!

Veterinary Care

One of the best ways to spoil your ferret is to simply provide him with great care. Take the little guy to the vet regularly. You’ll also want to get some specific advice on your ferret’s diet, grooming, habitat, and other care needs.

Please contact us, your Conyers, GA vet clinic, with any questions about ferret care. We’re here to help!

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