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Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

November 01, 2018

Do you leave your canine pal home alone while you go off to work to earn money for pet food and doggy toys? Fido can usually do fine by himself for short periods, but it’s important to take steps to make his alone time comfortable for him. Read on as a Covington, GA vet discusses leaving your dog home alone.


Doggy boredom is often a factor in unwanted behaviors, such as digging, chewing, and soiling. Fido will get bored and restless with nothing to do all day! Make sure your furry buddy has plenty of fun toys to play with. Choose enriching toys, like puzzle toys or treat-dispensing ones.


Turn a TV or radio on for your furry best friend. The sound of music and voices will provide soothing background noise. This can help keep Fido from feeling lonely.

Morning Workout

Before you leave for work, take your canine buddy for a good walk, and tire him out with a fun play session. If Fido is a bit tired, he’ll likely spend a chunk of the day napping. Plus, this is a great way for you to start your day!


When it comes to pet care, an ounce of prevention is often worth several pounds of cure. Remove or secure anything that could be dangerous. This includes things like chemicals; medication; small or sharp objects; personal belongings, like shoes and purses; plastic bags and wrappers; and toxic plants. You’ll also want to pick up small items of clothing, like socks. You may want to petproof a specific room, and put Fido in there with food, toys, treats, and bedding.

Coming Home

That happy dance Fido does when his favorite humans come home from work is absolutely adorable. Spend time with your canine companion each evening. Take him for a walk, play with him, and offer him lots of ear scritches and belly rubs.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and often get lonely when they are left by themselves. This is known as separation anxiety. If your furry friend digs, chews, or makes messes while you’re gone, he may be suffering from separation anxiety. Ask your vet or a professional dog behaviorist for advice on helping Fido cope with his alone time.

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