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Tips for Setting Up a Birdcage

October 15, 2018

Is a bird going to be joining your household soon? Congratulations! Your new feathered friend will definitely brighten up your house with her charming vocalizations and cute antics. One thing that is crucial is making sure that Polly is comfortable in her cage. A local Covington, GA vet discusses setting up a birdcage in this article.

Choosing The Cage

Birds all have different housing requirements, so do some research on your pet’s breed and see what type of cage she needs. Bigger is always better, so get the largest cage you can afford. Make sure that the bars are spaced at the right size for your winged friend: generally, less than a half-inch apart. Also, look into what the cage is made of. Avoid anything that contains zinc, which is toxic to birds. Since your colorful pal will spend the majority of her time in her cage, it’s definitely something to splurge on.


Picking the right spot for Polly’s home is very important. Birds are prey animals in the wild, and tend to get uneasy when they feel too exposed. Your winged buddy may feel safest in a corner. Don’t isolate your pet in a quiet back room, though: your feathered pal will feel sad and lonely by herself. A family room or living room is best. Avoid putting your bird in direct sunlight, or too close to a fireplace or vent.


Your adorable pet will need plenty of fun toys to entertain herself with. You can buy bird toys, but you can also make your own out of things like popsicle sticks, playing cards, poker chips, plastic shower curtain rings, rice cakes, and other household items. Just be sure to avoid anything with small parts, sharp edges, or dangling threads. Polly will also need a variety of perches. Birds use perches for grooming, sleeping, playing, and socializing. Offer your colorful pet perches of varying strengths and materials. You’ll also need to add a cage liner. Stacked sheets of newspaper work well, because you can just pull off the top sheet when cleaning. Last but not least, your feathered buddy will need dishes. We recommend getting a few sets. That way, you can have one in the cage while the others are out for cleaning.

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