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Signs That Your Cat is Sick

January 01, 2017

Kitties can certainly be quite opinionated little furballs. Fluffy may have no problem expressing her thoughts on baths or the neighbor’s dog. However, your cute pet may not be quite so forthcoming when she isn’t feeling well. There’s a good reason for this: in the wild, predators are often attracted to animals that show signs of weakness. Therefore, our feline friends learned long ago not to let on when they aren’t feeling well. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for people owned by cats to tell when their furry overlords are sick. Read on as a local Conyers, GA vet lists some symptoms of illness in kitties.

Lack of Appetite

A lack of appetite is often a warning sign of illness in kitties. Changes in water consumption can also be a red flag.

Poor Grooming

Most cats take time to groom themselves every day. Fluffy doesn’t always keep up with her regular beauty ritual when she’s sick, though. If your feline buddy’s fur looks greasy, matted, or unkempt, she could be ill.


Just like people, some kitties are very talkative, while others are more quiet. Any changes in your furball’s normal vocalizations could be a red flag. For instance, a chatty cat that suddenly falls silent may be ill. A quiet feline that starts meowing constantly could also be sick.


We know, some kitties are just furry little curmudgeons by nature. However, if your cat is usually sweet, and starts acting grumpy or aggressive, she may not be feeling well.


Many people tend to retreat from the world when they are sick. This is also true with cats. While it may be perfectly normal for Fluffy to take a nap in a secluded place, she should emerge by dinnertime. If your furball doesn’t want to leave her hiding spot, she could be sick.

Litterbox Woes

If Fluffy starts avoiding her litterbox, or seems to be having difficulty relieving herself, she could be sick. Changes in your cat’s waste can also be a warning sign.
If your cat has any of these symptoms, or is acting unusual in any way, contact your vet immediately. Cats often don’t let us know that they are ill until they’re quite sick, so don’t wait!

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