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Choosing the Right Dog Toys

December 15, 2016

Does your dog sometimes bring you his favorite toy, tail wagging, in the hopes that you’ll play with him? This adorable request for fun time can be hard to resist! Toys are actually very beneficial for dogs: they help Fido burn off his excess energy, keep him from getting bored, and offer a healthy outlet for any angst or anxiety he has. When shopping for your pet, just be sure to choose toys that are both safe and suitable for your pooch. In this article, a Covington, GA vet discusses choosing doggy toys.


Always pick toys that are right for Fido’s age, size, and breed. Big pooches can choke on playthings made for smaller breeds, and small dogs can get hurt using toys made for big dogs. Tennis balls are a concern here: they’re fine for small and medium-sized pups, but can present serious choking risks to large breeds.


Avoid toys with small parts that Fido may try to eat. Stuffed animals are cute, but those plastic button eyes can be a choking hazard. Also, try to avoid items that were made overseas. In many places, doggy toys are not subject to safety regulations. Some of these products could contain dangerous substances.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are great, but they aren’t necessarily safe for all dogs. Some of our canine pals waste no time in ripping these toys open and extracting the squeaker. This can be quite dangerous, as both the squeaky part and the stuffing can present serious choking hazards for our furry friends.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are a wonderful choice for puppies, and for dogs that love to gnaw on things. Some, however, such as pig ear chews, may not be safe for Fido. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a terrific option for mischievous pups. They’re also great for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. Some of these toys can keep Man’s Best Friend occupied for hours!

Fido’s Personality

Always keep Fido’s personality in mind when choosing his doggy toys. Some dogs, for instance, can become aggressive when playing Tug O’ War. If your canine buddy has any aggressive tendencies, you may not want to get him rope toys. Ask your vet for more information.

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