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Summer Reptile Care

June 01, 2023

Summer is (almost) officially here. Those of you with reptiles may find that there are both pros and cons to the warmer weather. Given that reptiles are cold-blooded, this time of year is generally safer and more comfortable for them than the colder months are. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind here. A Covington, GA veterinarian discusses summer reptile care in this article.


Reptiles have much more specific temperature needs than dogs and cats. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need relief from the heat. Habitats for most reptiles should include different temperature zones. Your pet will warm or cool himself by moving between the two, or sometimes by basking or retreating to a hide. In summer, it’s very easy for tanks to get too hot. Keep a close eye on temperatures! If it’s really hot out, you might need to lower or turn off the heaters. You’ll also want to move your pet out of direct sunlight.


Like other animals, reptiles should always have fresh, clean water. Some also require private swimming pools. You may need to refill or replace the water a bit more often than usual. If you have a pet that needs regular soaks, you may also need to schedule more baths. If your reptilian buddy needs to be misted, you may need to do that a bit more often as well. If your pet eats produce, either as a main meal or a supplement, you can also spritz that with water.

Outdoor Activities

Are you tempted to take your reptile outside? Your scaled friend may enjoy going outdoors, but you’ll have to take some safety precautions. If you have a lizard, look for a comfortable harness for them. You can find some made specifically for reptiles, but ones for ferrets can also work. (Tip: choose an adjustable one.) You’ll also just want to make sure your pet is comfortable outside. Lizards tend to be scared of birds, for instance, so if your backyard is a frequent-flyer hangout for the neighborhood avians, they may be scared. You’ll also want to avoid places with a lot of trees, as well as spots with sharp rocks or broken glass. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us with questions or concerns about reptile care. As your local Covington, GA pet hospital, we are always happy to help!  

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