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Things To Do With The Kids For Kindness To Animals Day

October 02, 2022

Kindness To Animals Day is coming up on October 4th. We think all animals, from the tiniest gerbil to massive elephants, should be treated with compassion. This is also a very important lesson to teach children. Why not combine the two? A Covington, GA list some things kids can do to celebrate Kindness To Animals Day in this article.

Pamper Your Pet

What better place to start than with your own household pet? Toys and treats are at the top of the list for ways to brighten up your animal companion’s day. There are plenty of DIY toy options for dogs, cats, birds, and even pocket pets! Look online for ideas and instructions. Aside from a new plaything, your pet may also enjoy a new bedding or cage accessory, or, of course, some yummy treats.

Go To A Zoo

Seeing animals up close can be a wonderful, fun, and educational experience for kids. There are several places nearby! The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo, North Georgia Wildlife Park, and Wildlife Wonders are closest, but there are several others within driving distance.

Art Projects

Art is great for teaching kids how to express themselves. Our animal companions are perfect muses for creative endeavors! Paintings, poems, stories, plays … there’s no end to the projects the little ones can try.

Visit A Farm

You can often find lots of autumn events on farms, from hay rides to apple picking games to demonstrations and fairs. Look around to see if there is a local farm hosting kid-friendly community events this week. That could be fun for the whole family!


Books and movies aren’t just entertainment for kids: they help provide frameworks for important life lessons. Those stories teach little ones about our world, and also the creatures we share it with. There’s definitely no shortage of great options to choose from. On a tight budget? Hit a thrift store or library sale. You’ll likely find lots of books and DVDs at deep discount prices.


This is also a good time to talk to your kids about animals, the issues they face, and the ways we can help. Developing kindness and empathy for animals may be the best way to honor this special cause!

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