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Senior Cat Care

February 01, 2022

Did you know that cats are considered seniors as young as age nine? Fluffy will always be a kitten at heart, of course. Many of our feline patients are now living well into their teens, so a nine-year-old kitty may still have a long retirement ahead of her. However, her needs will change as she ages. A Covington, GA vet discusses senior cat care below.

Offer Kitty Comforts

Fluffy may become stiff and sore in her golden years. Believe it or not, she’ll also somehow become even sleepier. Comfort is definitely king here! Offer lots of beds, as well as some soft pieces of furniture. Choose things that are easy for her to get off and on. We also recommend getting a litterbox made just for older cats. These have lower sides, which will be easier for your kitty to get in and out of. You may also want to set out nightlights after dark.

Grounding Fluffy

We recommend all cats stay indoors. However, this goes double for older kitties. Fluffy may not be fast or agile enough to escape hazards like cars or other animals. She’s also at risk of forgetting how to get home. Keep your feline friend safe and sound inside!

Monitor Your Pet’s Health

Just like people, cats sometimes develop health conditions in their golden years. Kitties are notorious for trying to mask signs of sickness, so you’ll need to watch for anything that could be a sign of illness. Some things to watch for include changes in appetite, hiding, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory distress, litterbox problems, and poor fur condition. Call your vet if you notice anything unusual.

Speaking of veterinarians, your furry pal will need to see hers a little more often as she ages. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.


Fluffy may have a hard time bending and stretching well enough to properly groom her whole body. Her coat may look a bit unkempt, and she could get a little matted. Help her out by brushing her regularly. This is a good opportunity to both get your kitty’s motor going and check her over for lumps, bumps, bruises, lesions, or sore spots.


Did you know that playing offers kitties beneficial mental stimulation? It also helps them stay in shape! Take time to play with Fluffy daily.

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