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Things That Cats Consider Emergencies

April 01, 2021

Cats are very curious and quirky little furballs. Fluffy is also a bit moody, and can be a purring cuddlebug one minute, and a yowling drama queen the next. Read on as a Covington, GA vet lists some things that your furry friend considers dire emergencies.

Getting Wet

Nothing can really make a furball go full drama queen the way being bathed does. While some of our feline pals actually like water—such as the Bengal and the Turkish Angora—most are terrified of it. To be fair, there is a good reason for this. Kitties do look rather silly when they are sopping wet. Fluffy may also have a sort of ancestral fear about currents, as cats in the wild can easily get washed away by rivers and streams.

Invading Kitty

If there is one thing that will make your furry little friend morph from a sweet, lovable pet into a hissing ball of rage, it’s the sight of a strange cats. Fluffy is very territorial, and she will not take kindly to finding the neighbor’s kitty on her ground!

Late Breakfast

Cats are very much creatures of habit. They’re also very serious in their belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have the gall to sleep in past the time that your feline overlord expects her morning meal, you may find yourself getting slapped, pawed, bitten, yelled at, or just walked on. 

Sheet-Changing Time

Fluffy will literally spring into action as soon as she realizes that you’re replacing your sheets. Kitties are very dedicated to bravely protecting their humans from the dreaded sheet monster!

Bottom Of The Food Bowl

Fido may get the Best Actor award when it comes to begging, but Fluffy is no slouch either. Your furball may put on a very convincing performance if her bowl is empty … even if you know she just ate!

Car Ride

Last but not least, we have the car ride, which many kitties seem to think of as some form of torture. While dogs often love going for drives, Fluffy often spends the entire trip meowing her indignity at being put in a box and removed from her domain. To make trips easier on her, add comfy bedding to her carrier, and play the radio softly.

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