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6 Ways To Keep Your Pet Hydrated

July 01, 2019

Summer is here! Overheating and dehydration are major concerns for pet owners at this time of year. Making sure your pet always has plenty of water is the best thing you can do to keep them safe from the heat. A Covington, GA vet offers some advice on keeping your beloved pet hydrated in this article.

Water Stations

First things first: make sure to keep your pet’s water bowl filled with fresh water. Clean the bowl daily, as otherwise grime, dust, and bacteria will quickly build up. If you have a large house, multiple pets, and/or a yard, set out a few water stations, including outdoor ones. When it gets really hot out, you can drop a few ice cubes into your furry companion’s bowl.

Pet Fountains

Some of our furry friends prefer drinking running water. (This is why many cats drink from faucets.) Consider getting your pet a fountain.


Choosing the right treats can also help with hydration. Offer your dog or cat a bowl of sodium-free broth on hot days. Fluffy can also have some cat milk or canned tuna in water. As for Fido, he may enjoy pupsicles. To make these, start by putting chew sticks, dog biscuits, kibble, or chunks of shredded meat into waxed paper cups or an ice cube tray. Then, pour water or sodium-free broth over them and freeze. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe treats.

Automated Waterers

Automated waterers can also be helpful in making sure your furry friend doesn’t run out of water. Just pick one that is easy to clean.

Portable Options

Whenever you take your canine companion out and about with you, be sure to bring water along for him. You may want to consider getting a collapsible plastic dish, which you can fold up and carry in your wallet. Or, get Fido a doggy water bottle with an attached bowl he can drink from.

Food Options

Wet and dry pet foods both have their own pros and cons. However, one of the good things about canned food is the fact that it does have a higher moisture content than kibble. If you do choose dry food, ask your vet for tips on adding water to it.

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