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Keeping Your Cat Indoors

May 01, 2018

Do you let your kitty go outdoors? We know, Fluffy loves outdoor kitty sports, like leaving paw prints on your car and refusing to come in when you call her. However, your pet will be both healthier and safer staying in! A Conyers, GA vet discusses keeping your feline buddy inside below.

Dangers of Going Outside

The Great Outdoors is definitely not safe for pets! As soon as Fluffy sets her cute little paws outside, she is exposed to some very serious dangers. Cars, weather, other cats, wild animals, and chemicals are just a few things that can threaten your adorable pet. Kitties that go outdoors also have much higher risks of contracting dangerous viruses or parasites, and are much more likely to get lost, hurt, or even killed.

Convincing The Kitty

Telling Fluffy that she’s grounded probably won’t get you very far. In fact, your pet may immediately meow to be let out! Therefore, you may need to trick your little buddy into staying indoors. Whenever your cat goes too close to the door, do something that will startle her. You clap your hands, stamp your foot, sound a bike horn, or rattle a jar of change. Squirting your kitty with a water bottle can also help. The point isn’t to punish or frighten your pet: that will just backfire. Instead, you want to make her a bit wary of the door area.

Furball Paradise

To make sure your four-legged friend stays happy and healthy indoors, you’ll need to keep her active and entertained. Offer your feline pal lots of pet furniture that encourages her to jump and climb. Cat towers are great for this! Your kitty will also appreciate a good window view, so she can watch birds and squirrels and daydream about hunting. Make sure Fluffy has lots of fun toys, and take time to play with her every day. This will offer your furball both mental stimulation and a great workout. Last but not least, give your adventurous pet a taste of nature by setting out pet-safe plants, so she can peek out at you from behind green leaves. You can find a full list of both toxic and nontoxic plants online at the ASPCA website.

Please reach out to us, your Conyers, GA pet clinic, for all of your beloved pet’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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