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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Exotic Pet

February 15, 2018

Are you looking for a pet that is cute and fun to watch, but unique? An exotic pet may be a great choice for you! Many different types of exotic pets are now available in pet stores nationwide. However, it’s always important to do a little research—and a lot of thinking—before adopting an animal. After all, adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment! Read on as a Covington, GA vet lists some things to consider before adopting an exotic animal.


Feeding exotic pets is often a bit more complex than popping open a can of food. Some exotic animals eat live bugs, while others require specific mixes of commercial food and fresh produce. Make sure that you have the time and budget to care for your pet properly. And, if the pet you are considering eats things often referred to as creepy-crawlies, make sure you can stomach feeding your animal pal.


Longevity is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a pet. Some exotics can live 20 years or longer. That’s quite a commitment! Make sure you can take good care of your new animal companion for his or her expected lifespan.


When choosing a pet, it’s important to know that you’ll be able to leave your little buddy in capable hands if you ever go out of town. Finding a petsitter for an exotic pet can be tricky! Your Aunt Linda may not be thrilled about feeding live worms to your pet lizard, while your neighbor may flat out refuse to give your snake a frozen mouse.


While exotic pets can be very beautiful and fascinating to watch, they aren’t as personable or animated as dogs, cats, or bunnies. If you expect your new snake to be affectionate, you may be disappointed to find your scaled buddy is actually rather aloof.


While some exotics don’t take up much space, others require a pretty sizeable habitat. Make sure you have room to care for your pet when he’s fully grown. If your animal companion needs special equipment to keep their habitat at the proper conditions, you’ll also want to be prepared for higher electric bills.

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