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The Benefits of Choosing a Reptile Pet

February 01, 2017

Are you looking for a pet that is slightly unusual, but is fascinating to watch? If so, a reptile may be a good choice for you. While snakes and lizards certainly aren’t the right pets for everyone, they do have some great qualities that can make them wonderful animal companions. Read on as a Conyers, GA vet lists some great benefits of having a reptilian pet.


One great thing about reptiles is that they don’t make a lot of noise. You don’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining that your snake is keeping them up at night!

No Training Required

Dogs need a good amount of training to be well-behaved pets. And Fluffy, well, usually cats train their people, but kitties do need to learn proper scratching habits and litterbox etiquette. Reptiles, however, don’t need to be taught anything at all!


Many people are allergic to our furry friends. However, even people with severe allergies often have no reaction to contact with snakes and lizards.

Low Maintenance

While this isn’t true in every case, many reptiles need only minimal care. Snakes, for instance, need fresh water daily, but may only need to be fed once or twice a week. Just be sure to do your research: some reptiles, like iguana, need quite a bit of care.

No Smells

Dogs and cats are wonderful animal companions, but they can get a bit stinky. Reptiles typically won’t make your home smell bad. Just be sure to keep your scaled buddy’s habitat nice and clean!

No Mess

Since reptiles generally spend the majority of their time in their own habitats, you don’t have to worry about coming home to a mess. Your snake won’t chew on your shoes or dig up your yard, and a lizard isn’t going to scratch up your carpet or leave a hairball in the middle of the floor!

Tips For Choosing A Reptile

While reptiles do have some great qualities, they aren’t necessarily the best choice for everyone. Many of our scaled friends eat things often referred to as ‘creepy-crawlies,’ so if you have a weak stomach, a snake or lizard may not be right for you. Be sure to do plenty of research before deciding to adopt one!

Do you have questions about reptile care? Contact us, your Conyers, GA animal hospital, today. We’re here to help!

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