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At Oak Hill Animal Hospital, our goal in everything we do is to help our patients enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on preventative care. The fact is, companion animals age at a much faster rate than humans. As such, it’s important that we take certain proactive measures to help ward of illness. That includes regular checkups, yearly vaccinations, proper diet and exercise, and so much more.

To provide your best friend with the longest and most vibrant life possible, we recommend bi-annual physical exams. This allows our doctors two opportunities each year to assess your pet’s health and detect any changes that may have occurred. The sooner we are able to identify the signs of a potential health concern, the more effectively we can address it. Timely diagnosis and early treatment of many ailments can dramatically improve your pet’s prognosis.

VIP Wellness Program

To support our mission of extending and improving the quality of our patients’ lives, we have developed a special VIP Wellness plan. This program is designed to provide your pet with the extra care needed to enjoy an amazing life.

Any pet is welcome to join, regardless of age, species or current health condition. Even our exotic patients are welcome to enroll!

VIP membership entitles you to:

  • FREE core vaccinations for the life of your pet.
  • 10% off ALL services. This includes but is not limited to: any additional procedure recommended at exam time, such as grooming, surgery, diagnostic testing, laser therapy, etc.
  • 10% most products, including heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, prescription medications (excludes food).

We feel this program gives our clients financial freedom to care for their precious pets, while providing those patients with the best possible medical care.

Our goal is to be proactive and provide the best possible preventative care program for your pet. Our medical care team is here for you at every turn.  If a problem arises between exams, please don’t hesitate to come in. Any services needed in between the 6 month exams will be provided at a 10% discount!

The Rules

There is a $39 membership fee to enroll your pet in the VIP program. This fee will only be charged once, provided you adhere to the bi-annual exams and you renew before your anniversary date.

Once enrolled your VIP will be scheduled for 2 wellness exams (dated 6 months apart), which include a complete physical at the current exam cost. (Allowances will be given for 5 months – 7 months.) Failure to keep scheduled exams will void your VIP program and subsequent discounts. A new enrollment fee will be necessary in order to reinstate your pet into the VIP program.

You adore your animal family member and want to do what takes to keep that special guy or gal happy and healthy. The VIP Program at Oak Hill Animal Hospital is designed to help you achieve that goal.

Give us a call today or ask about enrollment during your next visit!

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